Braided food grade silicone tubing manufacturer from China. to
Sunrise Limited is a custom silicone hose manufacurer from China.

Manufacturer of custom carbon fiber products for Auto, Bike in china.
Manufacturer of Carbon Fiber Tubing From China.

Producing carbon fiber parts / carbon fiber tube / bicycle parts according to your specifications.

Carbon Fiber Tube   Carbon Fiber Car Parts
Carbon Fiber Tube 1) Lighter than metal tubing, including Titanium.
2) Very low coefficient of thermal expansion. Lower than all metals.
3) Many times stiffer than metal tubing.
Carbon Fiber Car Parts 1) Carbon fiber parts for auto industry,such as air intakes made in carbon fiber.
2) 100% good fitting
3) Light weight
4) UV against
5) Stronger
Carbon Fiber Bicycle Parts    
Carbon Fiber Bicycle Parts We manufature a lot of bicycle parts, such as seat post, handlebar, stem, saddle, rims of wheel and more.
Sunrise Limited manufactures various carbon fiber parts,including car parts, bicycle parts. We are the carbon fiber parts manufactruer from china and has ability of supplying custom carbon fiber parts for specifical purpose. We always welcome any comments, suggestions, or ideas for products you would like to see offered., Fax: +86 592 515 7363
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Custom carbon fiber products manufacturer from china specializing in all kinds of carbon fiber part including, carbon fiber bike, carbon fiber car and more