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Manufacture Carbon Fiber Parts for Auto Industry
Manufacturer of custom carbon fiber CAR Parts for auto industry in china.

Manufacture car parts using carbon fiber according to all your specifications.

Carbon Fiber Car Parts - Auto Industry
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Carbon Fiber Car Parts Carbon Fiber Auto Parts
Carbon Fiber Air Intakes The Benefits of Carbon Fiber Car Parts:

Carbon fiber offers several benefits when used in automobile parts, but these composites were not initially designed for this purpose. They were originally designed for aircraft applications.

Weight: Carbon-fiber composites can reduce a car's weight by up to 60 percent. The government's Fuel Economy website says that reducing a vehicle's weight by just 100 pounds will increase your fuel economy by about two percent. Carbon fiber also benefits race car drivers, as the weight of a vehicle affects the acceleration and overall speed of the car.

Repair Costs: Carbon fiber does not corrode or rust like steel. Therefore, carbon-fiber parts can reduce or eliminate the need to replace rusted vehicle parts, which is a problem that becomes more likely as the car ages. Rust can also spread over time, so carbon-fiber parts can limit the damage caused by this problem.

Safety: Although more expensive, carbon fiber is stiffer than steel, and five times stronger. Carbon fiber can also have a higher energy-absorption rate than steel and can increase safety in a collision, according to the ORNL.

Custom & Design:
--- We can make carbon fiber car parts for you. Custom-made order is accepted.
--- We can make the parts per your samples or drawing.

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