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Paint carbon fiber tubing with any colours according to all your specifications.

Carbon Fiber Tubing - Tubes
Email us your designs, we can make customized carbon fibre tubing for you.
Carbon Fiber Tubes Carbon Fiber Character:
--- Lighter than all metal tubing. Including Titanium.
--- Very low coefficient of thermal expansion. Lower than all metals.
--- Many times stiffer than metal tubing.
--- Many times stronger than steel by weight.
--- More corrosion resistant than metals.
--- Withstands more loading cycles than metal.
--- Strength can be designed directionally.
--- Carbon fiber has a low heat transfer rate.

As molded tubing tolerances:

--- Tube OD: +/- 0.21mm
--- Tube Length: +/- 1.6mm
Please specify OD tolerance needed when ordering if necessary.
Sanded tubes typically end up about 0.2mm smaller than the OD shown above.
Carbon Fiber Tubing
Carbon Fiber Painting Surface Colour:
--- We offer clear or color coating services to meet you project needs.
--- The tubes shown in the above image above are examples of our in-house painting work.
Carbon Fiber Tube
CFT100 1.00" 1.0mm 610mm    
CFT150 1.50" 1.0mm 610mm    
CFT200 2.00" 1.0mm 610mm    
CFT250 2.50" 1.0mm 610mm    
CFT300 3.00" 1.5mm 610mm    
CFT350 3.50" 1.5mm 610mm    
CFT400 4.00" 1.5mm 610mm    
CFT450 4.50" 2.0mm 610mm    
CFT500 5.00" 2.0mm 610mm    
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