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Compressed Air Hose / Silicone Tubing
Manufacturer of Compressed Air Silicone Hose From China.

Producing braided silicone air lines for high pressure air compression.

Compressed Air Hose   Compressed Air Hose
Compressed Air Hose, Compressed Air Line Material: silicone
Type: Type 1
Reinforced: aramid fiber
Max Working Pressure:10Bar
Min Burst Pressure: 40Bar
Standard Colour: Red
Standard: ISO 2398 Type 1
Other Standard: DIN 20018
Compressed Air Tubing Material: silicone
Type: Type 2
Reinforced: aramid fiber
Max Working Pressure:16Bar
Min Burst Pressure: 64Bar
Standard Colour: Red
Standard: ISO2398 Type 2
Other Standard: DIN 20018

Compressed Air Silicone Hose
--- Designed for high pressure at high operating temperatures. It is air line can work at high temperature.
--- Silicone tube reinforced with aramid fiber.
--- Offers far higher pressure capabilities than similarly-sized reinforced polyester silicone tubing.
--- Excellent weatherability properties
--- resists ozone, gases, moisture, and extreme temperature.

Specificaion of compressed air hose:

Item Type 1 Type 2
Max Working Pressure 10 Bar 16 Bar
Min Proof Pressure 20 Bar 32 Bar
Min Burst Pressure 40 Bar 64 Bar
Material silicone + 1ply aramid silicone + 2ply aramid
Refer to Standard ISO2398 Type 1 ISO2398 Type 2
Other Standard DIN 20018 DIN 20018
Temperature Range -50 ~ 260 degree C -50 ~ 260 degree C

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Compressed Air Silicone Tubing can resist high pressure and can be used as compressed air tube. That means pneumatic hose can resist high temperature., Fax: +86 592 515 7363
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