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Sunrise Limited is a custom silicone hose manufacurer from China.

Manufacturer of High Temperature Silicone Hose
Glass Reinforced Silicone Hose Resists High Temperature.

Manufacture silicone hose with glass fabric according to all your specifications.

High Temperature Hose - Glass Fabric Reinforced Silicone Hose
Email us your designs, we can make customized glass reinforced silicone hose for you.
High Temperature Silicone Hose Glass reinforced silicone hose resists high temperature.
--- Silicone rubber hose with glass fabric is mainly made by imported high quality silicon material. Also, it can refer to the requirement to add silicon fluorine hose or fluorine hose as cushion which effecting the oil-resistant, high temperature resistant.
--- It has polyester line, net fabric, steel wire and lots of connectors, different construction, mainly suitable for auto car and engineering machine's Turbo-pressurization system.

Temperature Range: -50 degree C to +310 degree C
High Temperature Silicone Tubing with glass reinforced
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