Braided food grade silicone tubing manufacturer from China. to
Sunrise Limited is a custom silicone hose manufacurer from China.

Private Labeling When Making Parts
Silicone hose / Rubber Hose Printed Private Logo.

Manufacturing silicone hose / carbon fiber tubing with private labels as required.

Private Labeling For Silicone Hose

Private Label orders are accepted. Please send us logo drawing or logo sample if private labeling requested. We accept logo drawing in any format, such as .jpg, .pdf, .stp, .doc, .tif, etc. We will print logo when making parts. Then the parts show your brand permanently and promoting brand image!

What color will be for logos?
For silicone hose,
Typically, the logo will be printed in one color only.
The white colour is the first choice.
The optional color is blue, red, black.

For rubber hose,
Typically, the logo will be printed in white color only.

For carbon fiber part,
The logo on carbon fiber part can be colourful.
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