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A T-Bolt clamps factory who can custom make T-Bolt clamps for you.
Manufacture T-Bolt clamps according to your designs or all your specifications.

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T-Bolt Clamps
Email us your designs, we can make customized T-Bolt Clamps for you.

T Bolt clamp from China

T Bolt Clamp, stainless steel clamp

Notes: Heavy duty T-bolt clamps provide uniform sealing pressure for a positive, reliable seal. Specifically designed for use in high vibration and large diameter applications. The most widely used t-bolt design. Typical applications include truck air intake systems, cold side charge air systems, off-road equipment and industrial machinery.
Applications: For permanent or semi-permanent applications and/or safety on pressurized systems.
Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps
Diameter Range
Diameter Range
Band Wide
Band Wide
TBC150 44mm-48mm 1.73"-1.89" 19mm 0.75"
TBC175 48mm-56mm 1.89"-2.20" 19mm 0.75"
TBC200 54mm-62mm 2.13"-2.44" 19mm 0.75"
TBC225 60mm-68mm 2.36"-2.68" 19mm 0.75"
TBC250 66mm-74mm 2.60"-2.91" 19mm 0.75"
TBC275 73mm-81mm 2.87"-3.19" 19mm 0.75"
TBC300 79mm-87mm 3.11"-3.43" 19mm 0.75"
TBC325 85mm-93mm 3.34"-3.66" 19mm 0.75"
TBC350 92mm-100mm 3.62"-3.94" 19mm 0.75"
TBC375 97mm-105mm 3.82"-4.13" 19mm 0.75"
TBC400 104mm-112mm 4.09"-4.41" 19mm 0.75"
TBC450 117mm-125mm 4.61"-4.92" 19mm 0.75"
TBC500 130mm-138mm 5.12"-5.43" 19mm 0.75"
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