Braided food grade silicone tubing manufacturer from China. to
Sunrise Limited is a custom silicone hose manufacurer from China.

Wire Reinforced Silicone Hose From China
Manufacturer of Silicone Hose With Steel Rings.

Manufacture silicone hose / silicone tubing according to all your specifications.

Wire Reinforced Silicone Hose - Hose with steel rings
Email us your designs, we can make customized silicone hose with wire reinforcement for you.
Wire reinforced silicone hose Silicone Hose With Wire Inside Wall:
--- Wire-reinforced hoses offer increased flexibility, very high burst pressures,and will NOT collapse under vacuum.
--- Designed for higher pressure and vacuum applications.

Temp. Range: -45 degree C to +250 degree C
silicone hose with steel ring Silicone Hose With Steel Rings:
Sunrise Limited also supplies silicone hoses with stainless steel rings.
The hose with steel ring can resist higher burst pressure.
The hose with steel ring can resist high vacuum pressure and will NOT collapse under vacuum.
***Please contact us if you want to know more about wire reinforced hoses. ***, Fax: +86 592 515 7363
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