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Silicone Hump Hose From Manufactuer,
Supplier of Custom Hump Hoses in Silicone.

Producing hump silicone hose with any colours according to all your specifications.

Silicone Hump Hose
Email us your designs, we can make customized hump hoses for you.
silicone  hump hose hump silicone hose
hump hose Hose colour: black, blue, red, yellow, purple, green, orange
Working pressure: 0.6MPa~3.0MPa
Working temperature: -55 degree C~200 degree C

These polyester reinforced hump hoses allow for expansion, movement, and extreme vibration between two hard pipes while reducing the possibility of connections coming apart or having your hard pipes or other equipment break. The hoses meet or exceed the requirements of SAE J20 R4 Class A specification.

Other length also is available.
Silicone Hump Hoses
HSH100 1.00" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH125 1.25" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH150 1.50" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH175 1.75" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH200 2.00" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH225 2.25" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH250 2.50" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH275 2.75" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH300 3.00" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH325 3.25" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH350 3.50" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH375 3.75" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH400 4.00" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH425 4.25" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
HSH450 4.50" 76mm 5.0mm 4ply
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