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Sunrise Limited is a custom silicone hose manufacurer from China.

Supplier of Silicone Tubing / Vacuum Hose From China
Manufacturer of Custom Silicone Tubing of Industrial Purpose.

Manufacture silicone hose / carbon fiber tubing according to all your specifications.

Silicone Vacuum Hose - Industrial Silicone Tubing
Email us your specification, we can make custom silicone vacuum tubing for you.
Silicone Vacuum Hose Industrial Silicone Tubing Standard colour: black
Optional clour: blue,red,greed,yellow,green,silver
Operative temperature: -50° C~200° C
Packing: packing in rolls. Buyer can name the length for each roll.

Custom & Design:
We only list most popular items onto below table.They are the best choice for industrial vacuum purpose. Please contact us if the size you want wasn't listed below. We can make the silicone tubing with size not big than 50mm.
Industrial Vacuum Tubing in Silicone
Silicone Vacuum Hose
P/N Inner Diameter Wall Thickness Outer Diameter
VSH2-2 2mm 2mm 6mm
VSH3-3 3mm 3mm 9mm
VSH4-3 4mm 3mm 10mm
VSH5-3 5mm 3mm 11mm
VSH6-3 6mm 3mm 12mm
VSH7-4 7mm 4mm 15mm
VSH8-4 8mm 4mm 16mm
VSH9-4 9mm 4mm


VSH10-4 10mm 4mm 18mm
VSH11-4 11mm 4mm 19mm
VSH12-4 12mm 4mm 20mm
VSH16-4 16mm 4mm 24mm
VSH19-4 19mm 4mm 25mm
VSH25-4 25mm 4mm 33mm
***Please contact us if the size you want is not yet posted here. ***
The silicone vacuum hose is industrial silicone tubing, a good choice for auto purpose and industrial purpose. It has high working temperature and never collapse under great pressure. Welcome to Custom made silicone vacuum tubing. The colour code is required for custom colour of silicone tubing., Fax: +86 592 515 7363
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